Background information:

This process combines the principles of attachment with boundaries, in a psycho-social-biblical perspective. It is the fruit of my own journey which included working through Cloud and Townsend's book and workbook (in a group format) in 2000 as well as other boundary courses, on the one hand, and through my experiences as lay counsellor as well as Registered counsellor over the last few years, on the other. Allow me to coach you to healthier patterns!

Topics addressed:
Session 1: Personal and Inter-personal health inventory
This session starts with a look at characteristics of healthy individuals, healthy families and healthy relationships. Measurements of attachments and co-dependence will be done using a questionnaire format.

Session 2: Attachments and boundaries
In this session participants identify their attachment style (using the information of session one) as well as co-dependent traits. Boundaries are discussed in light of this information.

Session 3:
When things go wrong ? the wounds of the past
Identifying wounding and / or abusive experiences and it's effect on our lives.

Session 4: When trust is broken
Identifying broken trust, the roots behind it and building blocks to rebuild trust.

Session 5: Created in His Image: Who is God
After an introduction of the basic doctrines of Christianity as they relate to the person(s) of God, the effects of the past on our perception of God will be identified.

Session 6: Drawing closer to God and towards interdependence
Through the Holy Spirit the facilitator would like to see people overcoming the mindsets that keep them from drawing closer to God. They will also learn strategies to move towards healthier attachments

Session 7: What to do with my emotions
This session deals with the identification and communication of human emotions from both a biblical and psycho-social perspective.

Session 8: Dealing with anger, bitterness and other negative emotions
A closer look at negative emotions and thought patterns that perpetuate unhealthy relationships. Practical biblical and psychological strategies to overcome difficulties will be taught.

Session 9: Care ? confronting skills

A closer look at confronting while caring / loving ? understanding the roots and applying the skill

Session 10: Healthy authority ? dealing with power games

In this session we will identify passive and / or aggressive maneuvers and strategies we and others may often use and learn to break such unhealthy patterns (in ourselves and others we are relating to). The walls of defense around our hearts will also be explored in light of rejection and rebellion.

Session 11: A closer look at communicating boundaries

Different situations that may require 'boundary conversations or confrontations', will be looked at. This will be sketched against the backdrop of our responsibility to love God, ourselves and others.

Session 12: Moving forward
We will identify how far we have come and share our plans to keep on growing and moving forward.

Note / disclaimer:

None of the coaching processes are deemed to replace individual therapy or other forms of intervention - rather they compliment other healing processes. Participants may be referred for additional professional help if needed.

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