Who will benefit? Those who's relationships are taking strain as well as those who want to improve good relationships, and / or safeguard their relationships from future problems. This includes couples who are preparing for marriage.

Topics Covered:

Session 1: Understanding myself and my partner ? Part 1
This session involves drawing up an Imago Map (of Dr. Harville Hendrix) for each person, utilizing some practical exercises. Partners will tell each other their story / stories, utilizing given guidelines that builds listening skills.

Session 2: Understanding myself and my partner ? Part 2
In this session couples will be encouraged to dialogue (using specific exercises) with one another, exploring practical ways in which they can meet each others love needs / wants. This will include identifying things that one partner may not be comfortable with and may not be willing to meet, and the communication around it.

Session 3: Understanding myself and my partner ? Part 3
In this session the information gathered in sessions 1 and 2, will be used to identify each person's dynamics / role, in the couple's interpersonal fear dance (Dr. Greg Smalley).

Session 4: The mystery of marriage (Ephesians)
This session deals with the biblical foundations of marriage as a covenant.

Session 5: Men and Women

A look at the essence of the masculine and the feminine, followed by acknowledging different needs of men and women. The 'honouring principle' (John Bevere) will be explored (looking at submission, sex, and more).

Session 6: A safe haven marriage built on secure attachments and healthy boundaries. Identifying secure and other unhealthy patterns, with practical ways to build secure patterns.

Session 7. Building trust.

Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sharon Hart identifies four different forms of trust which are foundational to a safe haven marriage: 1, Truthfulness trust; 2, Judgment trust; 3, Reliability trust; and 4, heart trust. These concepts will be explored in view of building trust. We will also look at trusting God above / in all.

Session 8: Communicate in truth and love: Tips for couples
In this session the foundational honesty will be explored in light of rules for communication given to couples by Dr. Greg Smalley and others.

Session 9: Looking forward

Couples will be encouraged to give feedback, build accountability relationships, and plan ways to implement what they have learnt, consistently. This will also include a look at dealing with stumbling blocks ? hoping to encourage couples to keep working at their relationships and to not 'give up'.

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