The old 'Overcoming sexual abuse' is changing to 'overcoming traumatic abuse' in which various forms of abuse will be addressed while still recognizing the unique dynamics of sexual abuse.

Session 1: Health inventory & Safety: A look at depression, anxiety, sleeping patterns as well as suicide risk. This session will include short measurements and guidelines to draw up personal plans for safety. I.e. What to do when one feels overwhelmed, angry, etc.
Session 2: Exploring my story: various forms of traumatic experiences and abuse
Session 3: When it becomes sexual
Session 4: A look at identifying symptoms and patterns
Session 5: Making sense of memories
Session 6: Dealing with shame and contempt
Session 7: Dealing with powerlessness and ambivalence
Session 8: Dealing with betrayal
Session 9: Dealing with defensive walls of rejection around our hearts
Session 10: Dealing with defensive walls of rebellion around our hearts
Session 11: Changing our styles of relating
Session 12: Forgiveness and reconciliation
Session 13: Loving boldly

In this course the dynamics of abuse and its effects will be explored from an inclusive bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach. It is biblically based and aimed at practical exercises and steps. When presented in a group format - the group context helps participants to overcome relational walls while giving each an opportunity to share a part of their stories. As in all the other courses, participants are required to keep confidentiality within the group.

The group size would optimally be between 6-8 people.

  Notes & Disclaimers:
The course is open to both genders.

This course is not intended to replace any individual or long-term process that abuse survivors may require, is not intended to replace psychological therapy / interventions, but rather to complement healing journeys by providing key elements (in understanding as well as ways to practically deal with it), of topics relevant to survivors.

Karen has a passion to help survivors of traumatic abuse and offers support from her own personal abuse experiences and basic counselling, within the Biblically based systemic counselling approach (of Dr. N Joubert). She is not a psychologist.

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