Every parent wants the best for their children. This process looks at areas that parents can improve their skills at loving as well as discipling their children. The goal is to grow character in our kids that will benefit them a life time. This is leaving a true legacy!

Course Content:
Session 1: Loving our children: A look at love languages and practical evaluation and suggestions.
Session 2: Ages and stages: Challenges that our children face
Session 3: The basic laws of boundaries
Session 4: The anchors of boundaries
Session 5: How do we encourage our children to know and love God?

Suggestion: Completion of the process: 'Towards healthy relationships and abundant life'. The more healthy we grow as parents ? the bigger the gift we give our children. The better we understand ourselves and have our own healthy relationships ? the better able we are to set boundaries for our children in ways that are loving and that help them move towards being healthy adults.

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