This is a  process - for all singles, whether you are ....not dating / ...planning to date / ...not interested in dating or!

We will explore the state of singleness in terms of how we got here - looking at wounds of the past and its impact on relationships. This won't merely be a quick look at typical childhood relational wounds, but will include an exploration of our prior dating / relational patterns as well as same-sex friendships, communication skills, boundaries, spirituality, and more. We will find out what kind of persons we are attracted to, and why or why not that is so.

I believe that we are only truly ready for committed relationships, once we are in a place that we can actually enjoy being single. Paradoxically - that means that even if we don't plan on dating / marriage - we often have to deal with these relational issues. And the same skills that will help us to date more successfully, will enable us in all our other relationships. Relationship skills are not only useful in our family lives and friendships - but also helps us in managing and growing our careers.

It has become far more likely, that some or many of us will remain single for longer or that we might not marry, than years ago. Enjoying life and relationships where one is, is an art!

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