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> Blessing your spirit

Blessing Our Father as Absolute Beginning and Fountain Head.pdf

Blessing your spirit through contemplating the nature of our Father.

Added: 2016-04-02 08:59:33
> Blessing Marriage

Blessing Marriage 0001.pdf

This is the first of a series of blessings for marraiges.

Added: 2016-02-18 08:38:33
> Towards Healing & Wholeness

Wounded and Weary.pdf

Blessing the wounded and weary

Added: 2016-02-18 09:19:41
> Difficult Decisions

A letter to you in the aftermaths of trauma....doc

What you can expect after going through a traumatic event, and some related tips.

Added: 2009-09-21 12:23:20

Finding the right therapist .doc
A summary of the differences in the scope of practice of registered counsellors and psychologists.
Added: 2011-02-10 18:10:08

Christians on the Couch.docx
A look at the question of whether Christians can benefit from, or should make use of, Psychology.
Added: 2011-04-20 11:18:24
> Older materials

Towards overcoming addictive patterns.doc
More information and background on the course "Towards overcoming addictive patterns."
Added: 2009-01-18 19:48:45

Towards healthy relationships and abundant life.pdf
More information and background on the course, "Towards healthy relationships and abundant life."
Added: 2009-01-18 19:49:55

More on The dance of Love and Discipline Boundaries with your kids.doc
Background and information on the course, 'The dance of Love and Discipline...' This course is indended for parents as well as teachers.
Added: 2009-01-18 21:14:57

> Groups & Courses


Excerpts from SAAP annual report.pdf

A glimpse at where the profession of pastoral counselling is at in terms of professionalization (early 2016).

Added: 2016-03-07 17:45:41

Karens Gestalt Pastoral Counselling Model.pdf

This document contains a summary of theoretical underpinnings of the gestalt pastoral counselling model Karen developed for her PhD, with additional remarks to include the work with the human spirit.

Added: 2016-03-07 17:50:09

Facing Loss and Grief 10 week course .jpg

This course will be running from 8 June 2016 at Weltevreden Methodist Church.

Added: 2016-06-03 17:32:58

Facing Loss Grief 10 week course.pdf

This course will be presented at Weltevreden Methodist church from 8 June 2016

Added: 2016-06-03 17:38:54
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