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A look at the question of whether Christians can benefit from, or should make use of, Psychology.
Added: 2011-04-20 11:18

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A summary of the differences in the scope of practice of registered counsellors and psychologists.
Added: 2011-02-10 18:10

News & Updates Feb 2016 - 2016-02-10

The year is already speeding ahead!   My thesis for my PhD has been accepted in which I developed a Gestalt model of pastoral care. It combines my studies in pastoral theology and Gestalt Play therapy on which I embarked in 2012. I’m looking forward to the graduation coming up in the next two months or so and think I’ve stud... more

The human spirit - 2015-02-06

The last couple of months have been quite exciting as I've been priviledged to experience more healing in my own life, and see tangeable healing and changes in others, through the tools that Arthur Burk brought to the table. While the blessings to the spirit and many of his teachings have been a blessing over the last seven years of my life, it... more

Rushing towards spring - 2013-08-15

It would seem that the year is rushing by faster than what I can always keep up with! The last two years have been very busy with the Gestalt Play Therapy degree work and my thesis (that will be completed next year). I've also gained some experience with sex-addictions (addicts and their partners) - and if all goes well I will be completing ... more

Changes in the air! August 2011 - 2011-08-18

My but the year is rushing by with a speed! It has been a full year with two graduations that were quite special, and a bit of rest before the next round of studies so that I can provide the best service possible! I've thoroughly enjoyed walking in the Botanical Gardens and having more time at the gym, while exploring new (but healthy!) recip... more

Love and Freedom in relationships with God and others - 2009-12-04

This morning, I came across the following posting of Dr. John Townsend (clinical psychologist and co-author of Boundaries, etc.), on (See the full article via this link) 'We are free to be unloving By Dr. John Townsend God has constructed... more

So when can I say some event was traumatic? - 2009-11-17

Traumatic experiences arises from events that threaten the integrity of the self – physically or psychologically. The experience usually involves a threat (actual or perceived) of death or serious injury to yourself or a loved one. Aside from the very threatening situation, it is an event in which you respond with feelings of helplessness or horr... more

Finding sanctuary - 2009-07-20

Time’s still rushing by and I can hardly believe we’re at the end of July! I heard a very interesting thought around the years going by faster as we age, from someone in the UK. At age 5 – we’ve only lived for 5 years versus having lived for 50 at that age. Thus if we live for a hundred years – at age 50 half is gone w... more

Are you reaching for your dreams? - 2009-05-29

The year is rushing by at quite a speed, and the question as we move towards the halfway mark, that I have for you is: Are you reaching for your dreams? Take a moment and reflect back on the goals you have set for this year: 1. Are you attaining them or moving directly towards a path of doing so? 2. If not ... more

Christian to Christian - Sharing on Hope - 2009-04-17

‘What gives you hope?’ This is a question I was confronted with recently in the face of life events and before God on Easter Sunday. I guess one has to start with - ‘Do I have hope?’ Yes I do. Yet I find that hope changes with the ebbs and flows of life. And what we have hope for changes. There... more

A few thoughts on therapy, counselling and coaching. - 2009-04-17

In reading more about coaching – I recently came across the following information from a Wordpress Blogsite of Tamara Monell (.com): “Some have asserted that life coaching amounts to little more than psychotherapy without restrictions, oversight, or regulation. The State legislatures of Colorado after holding a ... more

Tears in the Festive Season - 2008-12-03

During the festive season many people find themselves in emotional lows, to the point of contemplating suicide at times. When we think of festive seasons we remember our childhood holidays and Christmas / New Year Celebrations - in which there are numerous family traditions. My sister and I love to buy and cook from Woolworths, congratulating ourse... more

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