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Rushing towards spring

It would seem that the year is rushing by faster than what I can always keep up with!

The last two years have been very busy with the Gestalt Play Therapy degree work and my thesis (that will be completed next year). I've also gained some experience with sex-addictions (addicts and their partners) - and if all goes well I will be completing the SASH training in the USA in September.

Some white spring blossoms have already appeared on my hedge and fence - giving off a lovely aroma when I step back after a day's work. The smell always takes me back to the wall behind our swimming pool around September during my childhood. It stirs up mixed emotions of nostalgia, dreams and a contemplation of the rough waves this year has brought in my own life. At the same time my heart sings with the bees about the new beginnings that God's whispering about.

May we all get some rest in and enjoy some of the smells, sounds and sights around us to strengthen us and build our positive emotions, as we head for the next season.

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