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The human spirit

The last couple of months have been quite exciting as I've been priviledged to experience more healing in my own life, and see tangeable healing and changes in others, through the tools that Arthur Burk brought to the table. While the blessings to the spirit and many of his teachings have been a blessing over the last seven years of my life, it all seemed to come together in the workshops that Arthur presented in South Africa at the end of 2014. Such as ... "growing when you're stuck..."

Many years ago I read the materials of John and Paula Sandford, such as "The transformation of the inner man" and "Healing the wounded spirit" and found it very insightful and helpful - but change didn't neccessarily come as I hoped for. Through the years I've been part of various types of ministries and counselling - on the receiving as well as implenting side of the couch. I have found that one's own growth is crucial in being able to walk alongside others.

In the past four years I've been blessed through the principels of Gestalt therapy in context of the Gestalt Play Therapy training presented by Dr Hannie Schoeman, and the post graduate degree through North West University (this degree is no longer available). Learning to live and experience life in the here and now fasciliates our contact (or connections) with ourselves and others while creating the ground to complete "unfinished business." This brought me back to my original pursuit of dealing with what stands in the way of our intimacy with God and others.

Going back to the biblically based systemic counselling model of Dr. Nicolene Joubert, one would look at one's psychological, social, physical as well as spiriutual health from different angles. In the implemnetation of the work with the human spirit I have witnessed the truth of a lot of pain that land in both the spirit and soul. And that talking about one's spirit without engaging it directly, is similar to telling a person that he/she can get into the pool of Bethesda (for healing, John 5) or to Jesus' feet in a house full of people (Luke 5.19), without helping them to move to a place of receiving healing and growth. Or telling a person that reading and writing is possible without teaching them how to hold a pencil and go about it.

Our spirits are created in the image of God, from the same light as the Holy Spirit, and sometimes we need a bit of cleansing and healing before we can align ourselves spirit-soul-body and birthright, with God's will for us.

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