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News & Updates Feb 2016

The year is already speeding ahead!


My thesis for my PhD has been accepted in which I developed a Gestalt model of pastoral care. It combines my studies in pastoral theology and Gestalt Play therapy on which I embarked in 2012. I’m looking forward to the graduation coming up in the next two months or so and think I’ve studied enough for a long time! At that time I can apparently start calling myself “Dr. Hayward.”


I love the Gestalt approach of looking at our interactions (or contact) with ourselves and the world in the here and now. Since August 2014 Arthur Burk has blessed South Africa with seminars here every three months and I’m very excited about the results of work with the human spirit at the same time. These tools fit together very well.


While I’ve always used the principles of prayer ministry from various approaches in combination with my B.Psych training through the Institute of Christian Psychology (well that came 2005-2009) – I’m standing in awe of what I’ve experienced and witnessed God doing through Arthur’s tools. While I’ve encouraged others to listen to the blessings and such from 2008 – more specific techniques started falling into place this year. This was through a combination of additional training and growth and healing in my own spirit in my personal journey. By itself as well as in combination with Gestalt techniques, they bring significant change.


I’ve witnessed people becoming increasingly more aware of who they are and connecting more closely with God. I’ve been privileged to see deeper bonds developing between couples (especially where both actively partook in the process) as well as between parents and their children. It appears to be easier – faster and less traumatic to deal with trauma using these tools (no sorry – no growth is without any pain!). This relates to both “older” and “fresh” trauma. There seem to be a better “closure” and more resilience moving forward, especially since removing shame from one’s spiritual self makes such a significant impact. Dealing with the trauma incidents typical of our crime-ridden country, such as being highjacked or suffering through home invasions, appears to be relieved more effectively and faster dealing with the trauma bonds in conjunction with traditional trauma debriefing.


Thus I’m testifying to remarkable growth from various places of health as well as woundedness. Some view the work through the lenses of spiritual coaching.


I have to put a disclaimer or two in though!


  • No – it’s not just that it’s not replacing psychological therapy...

  • For the best results people have to be willing to put a bit of time between sessions to listen to materials and to practice some skills. Once that happens – one can develop into who God has called one to be and rise up like eagles (cf. Isaiah 40:31).

  • If you were facing a 20 year healing journey – you may still need a few months longer than the “ideal” quick fix (aside from other additional therapy possibly). There are no 100% guarantees in these areas of life. But what I’ve experienced and seen a few others experience after years of other, varied approaches – is really worth it. Don’t ever give up! My prayer for you is that you may know and experience that He who begun a good work in you, will certainly complete it, as Paul says in Philippians 1.6.

See the journey through!


These changes and growth brings me closer to what God has called me to do – to lead people to deeper intimacy with Himself and others, by removing that which stands in the way. The greatest commandment Jesus said, is to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds. And then thereafter to love others as ourselves. (Mt 22:36-42).


Going back to the beginnings and looking ahead: I started my practice as lay Christian Counsellor in 2005 whilst I was involved in different ministries prior to that time – incl. Living Waters and Theophostic Prayer ministry. I love my work and see it as holy ground to be partnering with God’s healing alongside the practical parts of the counselling journeys. Over the past year and a bit I’ve also partnered with Harry James using the tools of working with the human spirit of Arthur Burk in joint and individual sessions. It’s been very effective and exciting to see how God uses us differently and similarly to put a fuller picture on the table. He will be working as an associate with me moving forward and you’ll be able to book sessions with either of us or joint sessions depending on the need. Harry’s also quite skilled with mediation counselling.


I’ve been running an anxiety and depression (mood disorders, incl. bipolar) support group since 2013. It’s not therapy – attending people stay responsible to take care of their therapeutic needs outside of the group. People come together and share their lives with others understanding the journey over a cup of coffee. Some people have stayed for a few months – some have been committed since the beginning and some visit here and there. At the moment the group meets every second Tue evening.


May your spirit connect deeply with Father during this season of your life and may you find the path He has for you moving forward.







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