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Are you reaching for your dreams?

The year is rushing by at quite a speed, and the question as we move towards the halfway mark, that I have for you is:

Are you reaching for your dreams?

Take a moment and reflect back on the goals you have set for this year:
1. Are you attaining them or moving directly towards a path of doing so?
2. If not - what has been hindering you / distracting you / preventing you?
3. Did you set your goals in line with your long-term goals?
4. There are different dimensions to our lives: Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Social / Inter-personal. Are you satisfied with your state of being and growth in each of these dimensions?
5. Will the course you have set take you towards / away from the calling of God on your life?

Dr. Henry Cloud speaks in '9 Things you simply must do', of setting a boat on auto-pilot whilst locking it into a specific destination. When waves come at the boat - it simply pushes through the waves and does not try to go around it. The moment there is even a slight drifting off course - the system auto-corrects and moves forward again.

I love that analogy for life. There are often huge waves that come towards us in the storms of life - and we shouldn't allow ourselves to waste time and energy by trying to go around it... Tackle life with the good as well as the bad, head on! And be willing the change the ways you are doing things, to get different results.

Though there seasons in life in which we need spiritual guidance, coaching, counselling or other helps - they are not the end in itself, but merely means to the end of living a full life.
When evaluating the courses our lives are taking - it can be helpful to understand them in light of how they have been shaped by our childhood experiences. We are then in a better place to mindfully add to, adapt or change course in line with our most important life goals. (Doing this is not necessarily a lengthy process.)

Another helpful exercise is to think back on our favourite games, activities and dreams of early childhood. Are there things we didn't pursue because of various reasons? What do they reveal about us?

May you experience life in increasing abundance, through the rest of this year!


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