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Changes in the air! August 2011

My but the year is rushing by with a speed!

It has been a full year with two graduations that were quite special, and a bit of rest before the next round of studies so that I can provide the best service possible! I've thoroughly enjoyed walking in the Botanical Gardens and having more time at the gym, while exploring new (but healthy!) recipes! I've also attended two amazing Gestalt Play-therapy courses and have been able to catch up on some reading.

Some (all ages!) have found the Gestalt approach very helpful as it helps one to get in touch with emotions and the "here and now" experience of one's "unfinished business".

The offices that all of us have worked from, called "Little Falls Psychology Practice", have been sold and we are all going in our different directions. That is except for myself and Hannie du Plessis (Educational Psychologist and specialist in Neuro-therapy), who will be sharing an office - only a block or so to the other side of Cascades Road (From Sept '11).

May you all be blessed in this busy second half of the year!


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