About Us

As a Registered (trauma and pastoral), and Christian - Pastoral counsellor, I am someone who has walked my own healing journey utilizing various tools including psychotherapy and spiritual healing tools from various ministries, incl. Theophostic Prayer Ministry and ministry to my own human spirit. Note: I received and endorse psychotherapy as a tool (alongside pastoral counselling), I do not offer psychotherapy as I'm not a psychologist.

As a Christian I grew up in the Dutch reformed stream of faith but moved widely through some charismatic streams through the years. After a few years in the Vineyard I currently find myself in the Methodist circles within South Africa. I attend a Lutheran based fellowship in Taiwan.

In terms of the redemptive gifts (an interesting Christian- and Scripturally based personality type of seven diffferent personalities), I am a Mercy.

Not surprising then that my goal has always been to increase my own and others' intimacy with God and other people in our lives. Within this framework I've become passionate about helping people grow and step into who God's designed them to be. That means I'll meet people where they are currently at - and not at some "standard of Christianity" or a "should be" place of being. I believe that each person is uniquely desinged and created in God's Image - though that image may have become so damaged or adapted to life's experiences that an individual may be very far from knowing who he/she is and knowing his/her value and worth.

Not all my clients are Christian - I was trained in general and trauma counselling within my B.Psych degree. In 2012 I completed the coursework for the Gestalt Play therapy (a masters degree in social work) as part of my PhD. Most often I work within the Gestalt pastoral care model I developed for my thesis and I use the principles of ministry to the human spirit of Arthur Burk extensively. I'm absolutely sold out on the amazing growth and change that comes with healing the human spirit.

# For more information on Arthur Burk's materials - see www.theslg.com (there is a link to the distributors in SA): Redemptive gifts of individuals; & Nurturing the human spirit.

Within my work I operate as Registered Counsellor within the field of Psychology (in Trauma and Pastoral work) and I partner with Wendy Kaufman and also refer to other psychologists as need be.

Wendy Kaufman is a psychologist who practices in the Ruimsig area. We have journeyed together as friends and colleagues within the profession of psychology over the years, and have worked alongside each other from different angles with shared clients. Wendy is a Mercy by design – making her another “safe” person who is emotionally in tune with others and who can offer a non-judgmental stance, while utilizing various psychological therapies.