Towards more intimate relationships with God and others

Dr. Karen Hayward


People are reluctant to seek counselling because of the fee, sometimes they are ashamed of needing help, or they are in denial that they need help.

Mental health is a serious issue that affects many people. Society needs to be more aware and educated about the signs of mental health issues and how to get help. It is important for people to know that there are resources out there and they don't have to suffer in silence or in isolation.

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Counselling is a form of psychotherapy in which you can speak with a counsellor in order to sort through the emotional distress that you are experiencing. Counselling is not about solving your problem, but rather about exploring it and giving you the knowledge and tools necessary to make changes in your life.

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The Profession of Psychology

Dr. Karen Hayward is a Registered Counsellor specializing in the field of trauma counselling, within the profession of Psychology. She is registered with the HPCSA ( Health professions council of South Africa). She completed an Honours in Psychology through the University of Pretoria, and a B.Psych degree through the Institute of Christian Psychology (2009).

Registered counselling consists of basic psychological counselling in of 6-8 sessions and some medical schemes cover it in part, whilst others don’t.


Karen is furthermore registered with ACRP (Association of Christian Religious Practitioners) in the category of Religious Specialist in Christian Pastoral Counselling. Her majors in her undergraduate work at the University of Pretoria included Biblical studies, alongside Psychology and Education. In 2010 she completed an Honors in Biblical Studies through Unisa as well as a Masters in Practical Theology – Pastoral studies, through the North-West University in Potchefstroom, where she also completed her PhD in Practical theology – Pastoral studies, in 2015.

Pastoral counselling is not covered by medical aids.

From 2005-2016, Karen worked in Private Practice as a lay counsellor (initially), Registered counsellor and Pastoral counsellor, in the Little Falls area. During that time she wrote and facilitated a number of courses, such as around Boundaries, Overcoming childhood sexual abuse, Boundaries for parents in the dance of love and discipline, Building an intimate marriage, and Facing grief and loss. At the end of 2016 she moved to Taiwan for a season and plans to move back into private practice in SA, by mid-2022.

While Karen has been in Taiwan, clients have been referred to Wendy Kaufman, a Christian psychologist operating in Ruimsig.